Grady Ward's Moby

Moby Words

354,984 single words
Over 354,000 single words, excluding proper names, acronyms, or compound words and phrases. This list does not exclude archaic words or significant variant spellings.
256,772 compound words
Over 256,700 hyphenated or other entries containing more than one word as well as all capitalized words and acronyms. Phrases were considered 'common' if they or variations of them occur in standard dictionaries or thesauruses.
113,809 official crosswords
A list of words permitted in crossword games such as Scrabble(tm). Compatible with the first edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary(tm). Since this list has all forms: -ing, -ed, -s, and so on of words, it makes a good addition when building a custom spelling dictionary.
4,160 official crosswords delta
When combined with the 113,809 crosswords file, it produces the official crossword list compatible with the second edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. (Scrabble is a registered trademark of Milton-Bradley licensed to Merriam-Webster.)
74,550 common dictionary words
A list of words in common with two or more published dictionaries. This gives the developer of a custom spelling checker a good beginning pool of relatively common words.
21,986 names
This database contains the most common names used in the United States and Great Britain. Spelling checkers may want to supplement their basic word list with this one.
4,946 female names
frequent given names of females in English speaking countries
3,897 male names
frequent given names of males in English speaking countries
10,196 places
a large selection of place names in the United States
1,000 by frequency
This file consists of the 1,000 most frequently used English words from a wide variety of common texts listed in decreasing order of frequency
1,000 by frequency internet
This file consists of the 1,000 most frequently used English words as used on the Internet computer network in 1992.
6,213 acronyms
common acronyms & abbreviations
1,185 King James Version frequent substrings
The most frequently occurring 1,185 substrings in the King James Version Bible ranked and counted by order of frequency.
467 current fiction substrings
The most frequently occurring 467 substrings occurring in a best-selling novel by Amy Tan in 1990.
USA Constitution
The Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights and all amendments current to 1993.
NOTE: Accents have been stripped from words, e.g., 'étude' does not mark the accent on the initial 'e'.
This project is available here [4.0MB].

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