Grady Ward's Moby

<< On June 1, 1996 Grady Ward announced that the fruits of the Moby project were being placed in the public domain:
    The Moby lexicon project is complete and has
    been place into the public domain. Use, sell,
    rework, excerpt and use in any way on any platform.
    Placing this material on internal or public servers is
    also encouraged. The compiler is not aware of any
    export restrictions so freely distribute world-wide.
    You can verify the public domain status by contacting
    Grady Ward
    3449 Martha Ct.
    Arcata, CA  95521-4884 >>
The project is available either as a complete distribution [26MB] or as set of subprojects:
Moby Hyphenator
185,000 entries fully hyphenated
mhyph.tar.Z [980kB]
Moby Language
Word lists in five of the world's great languages
mlang.tar.Z [2.3MB]
Moby Part-of-Speech
230,000 entries fully described by part(s) of speech, listed in priority order
mpos.tar.Z [1.2MB]
Moby Pronunciator
175,000 entries fully International Phonetic Alphabet coded
mpron.tar.Z [3.1MB]
Moby Shakespeare
The complete unabridged works of Shakespeare
mshak.tar.Z [2.3MB]
Moby Thesaurus
30,000 root words, 2.5 million synonyms andrelated words
mthes.tar.Z [12MB]
Moby Words
610,000+ words and phrases. The largest word list in the world
mwords.tar.Z [4.0MB].

A mirror of this information is also available at Project Gutenburg (you need to search for the MOBY project in Gutenberg's database).

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